Hills Ultra Lite Snooker Glasses

Hills Ultra Lite Snooker Glasses

The Hills Ultra Lite was designed in house to address problems that some players were experiencing with other snooker glasses.

They aim to reduce frame distractions by being rimless and super lightweight. But that's not all. Whilst most snooker glasses have extra deep lenses, generally a good thing for snooker glasses, they often have too much unwanted lens at the bottom of the frame. In many cases, this means that the optical centre of the prescription lenses has to be set lower than the optimal position for snooker to allow the lens to physically fit into the frame. The Hills Ultra Lite has been designed with a 48mm deep lenses with the bridge and arms set low on the lens. This offers all the same benefits of the extra deep lenses but it also allows us to place the optical centre of the prescription lenses higher. This along with the corrected pantoscopic tilt allows for more natural vision at the table.

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Frame Size
51 17 140
Fitting Size
130 49
Gender: Unisex
Frame Type: Rimless
Material: Acetate
Nose Pad: No
Bifocal Availability: No
Varifocal Available: No
Hills Ultra Lite Snooker Glasses Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 105 reviews.

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24 Nov 2022

Do what they say on the tin.

16 Nov 2022

Great product. Great price. Game changing

27 Sep 2022

Great value for money

9 Sep 2022

Very good and a vast improvement to sight, tho will still need getting used to

31 Aug 2022

brilliant pair of glasses and done very quickly

25 Aug 2022

Very useful for playing snooker, these glasses are ultra light, yet strong. Exceptionally good value.

8 Aug 2022

Ideal snooker glasses for occasional use, it's nice to be able to see what I'm aiming at!

17 Jun 2022

Took the time to verify prescription. Received glasses 5 days after ordering. Very fast service with a professional attitude. Cannot ask for more.

8 Jun 2022

Excellent light glasses for snooker.

20 May 2022

The glasses themselves are excellent, although a little flimsy. This won't be a problem as I'm careful anyway. I've wanted rimless glasses for snooker for some time and took the plunge. The difference is amazing, thank you!

27 Apr 2022

Glasses jave enabled me to start enjoying my game again and jas improved my ability as I can see so much better

21 Apr 2022

Feel flimsy but are very light to wear

15 Apr 2022

The frame is extremely delicate but great for the game as can’t tell i am wearing them. Lenses are perfect and great ‘around’ vision, look good too - bonus!

9 Apr 2022

Brilliant!! Changed my game 100% for the better!

6 Apr 2022

The glasses are lighter than I am used to wearing and I think it will take a while to get used to them. However, I am really pleased with them; they are well made and actually quite attractive. Whether they will improve my game remains to be seen!

27 Feb 2022

Very good price, work well, couple of minor issues with the lenses picking up reflections from the table lights but only on full view down the table and the frames/arms are easy to bend. That being said, these are very good glasses and have helped my enjoyment of the game again

1 Feb 2022


31 Jan 2022

Quite happy with the product... will take a bit getting used to.. would recommend to anyone looking for a product like this..🤓

26 Jan 2022

Very good

19 Jan 2022

Shopped around and best value for money.

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