Choosing The Right Glasses Colour

Discover how to pick the perfect glasses colour to complement your style and enhance your features!

Choosing The Right Colour Frames

Choosing new glasses is a big deal. They are a statement accessory that becomes part of your identity. The colour of your frames can make a huge difference to your whole look.

When choosing a pair of frames, you should think about finding a colour that either complements or contrasts against your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

There is no right or wrong way to pick the right frame colour, as long as you feel beautiful and confident in what you're wearing.

With that said, our handy guide will help you find out which frames will work best with your look and personality, and make choosing your perfect glasses easier than ever!

Choosing a Frame to Match Your Complexion

Light Skin Tone – Cool skin with pink undertones look best with similar cool hues such as silver, grey, blue and clear. A pale peachy complexion with yellow undertones pairs well with warm neutrals, and dark colours like brown, gold, pink and purple.

Medium skin tone – Neutral skin types with a mix of pink and golden undertones can wear just about anything. Go bold with stark black, shine with neutrals, or play with any number of fun shades including red, purple, green, blue or gold.

Deep Skin Tone – Warm skin with golden undertone, are complemented best with similarly warm frames like tortoiseshell, brown, red, orange, gold, and yellow shades. They also look great with the boldness of all black.

Choosing a Frame to Match Your Eye Colour

Brown/Hazel Eyes - Pair well with warmer tones like tortoiseshells, golds, and greens. If you want to stand out, choose a bold colour that contrasts against brown, like a bright green or a cool blue.

Blue Eyes - Pair beautifully with blue and grey tones. They also contrast well with rich browns and tortoiseshell. For a bold look, orange will really make your eyes pop.

Green Eyes - Pair well with brown and earthy tones. They also contrast nicely with pink or purple hues. If you want to make a statement, red frames will bring a vibrant contrast and gold or purple hues will also have a striking effect.

Grey eyes - Pair really well with colourful frames to bring a bright finish to your look. Because grey is already a neutral tone, almost any bright colour will work with grey eyes.

Choosing a Frame to Match Your Hair Colour

Black Hair - Pairs with a multitude of colours. Dark frames like black or tortoiseshell look especially sleek with black hair. Alternatively, bright colours will bring a sharp contrast, which is great for a statement-making finish.

Red Hair – Looks especially vibrant with bold frames in strong hues. Experiment with rich, jewel-toned colours, or, for a more conventional look, go with darker frames in reddish browns, gold and copper.

Brown Hair – Brown with red undertones match perfectly with tortoiseshell frames and warm, earthy tones, such as amber or dark green. Brown with ashy undertones pair well with dark frames, especially black. You can also experiment with light-toned glasses with clear frames or pastel colours.

Blonde Hair – If you have warm undertones in your blonde hair, choose frames in warm shades such as light tortoiseshell, peach, forest green, or dark brown. Ash tones or platinum blonde hair looks especially striking with pastels and bright colours.

White/Grey Hair - The ultimate neutral pallet, making it great for experimenting with different looks. Neutral frames will look effortlessly stylish, while strong, bright colours such as cherry red, sea blue or a black will add a pop of contrast to your look.