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Transform your look with our collection of clip-on sunglasses

Upgrade your frames with clip-on sunglasses from Spex4less. Our clip-on sunglasses offer the perfect blend of style and convenience, allowing you to enjoy clear vision wherever you are.


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No need to carry multiple frames around!

With clip-on sunglasses, you no longer need to carry multiple pairs of glasses for different lighting situations. These stylish accessories attach to your prescription glasses, instantly transforming them into fashionable and functional sunglasses.

UV Protection

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while maintaining optimal vision clarity. Our clip-on sunglasses feature UV-blocking lenses that shield your eyes from the sun's rays, reducing the risk of eye damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Save Money!

Clip-on sunglasses offer a seamless way to enjoy the sun protection without sacrificing your personal style. Our collection includes a variety of shapes and tints, ensuring you find the perfect match for your aesthetic.

How do clip-on sunglasses work?

At Spex4less, our clip-on sunglasses are more than just an accessory. Engineered with a secure and easy-to-use attachment mechanism, they are designed to provide a stable and comfortable fit over your regular glasses. Not only do these tinted lenses offer UV protection, but they also eliminate the need for separate prescription sunglasses. This makes them a convenient and cost-effective solution for shielding your eyes from the sun's glare while also maintaining crystal clear vision. And when they're not in use? Keep them safe and stylish in our custom-made soft touch metal case and microfibre cloth. Dive into our collection and explore the perfect pair for you!

How to measure Clip On Sunglasses


Match the style of your glasses

Explore our extensive range of clip-on sunglasses and choose a frame which matches your style.


Measure your frame width

Measure the width from one side of your frames to the other side. This measurement is your width, which should be measured in mm.


Measure your lens height

Measure the height from the top to the bottom of the lens. This measurement must also be measured in mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you can't find clip-ons that match the size of your glasses, we suggest opting for a slightly larger pair.

  • Yes! We provide both polarised and various tinted clip-on sunglasses. Click here to explore our collection.

  • We offer a wide range of clip-on sunglasses to fit any frame shape and size, ensuring a perfect match for your glasses.

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