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Single-Vision Lenses

Choosing the Right Lenses: Selecting Between Distance, Intermediate, and Reading Glasses

Discover Clarity Like Never Before

Introducing our range of single vision glasses, providing clear, focused vision for distance,reading or intermediate glasses. Standard single vision lenses are included with all our glasses, but please note that they are not included with our sunglasses range.


Tailored for nearsighted individuals, distance glasses correct vision for seeing far objects clearly, perfect for driving, watching TV, or enjoying views. They come in various stylish frames to improve vision and add a fashionable touch.


Designed for clear vision at mid-range, intermediate glasses suit activities like computer work and cooking. They bridge near and far vision, reduce eye strain, and offer style and functionality in contemporary frames.


Ideal for close-range tasks like reading or using smartphones, reading glasses enhance visual comfort and reduce strain. They blend practicality and style, available in stylish frames to suit close-up vision needs and personal aesthetics.

Coatings and Tints for Single-Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses can greatly benefit from various coatings. Anti-reflective coatings are ideal for reducing glare from screens and bright environments, while scratch-resistant coatings enhance the lenses' durability. Additionally, blue light coatings are especially beneficial for those who frequently use digital screens, as it helps reduce eye strain and improve overall eye comfort.

For adaptive functionality, photochromic lenses are a versatile choice. They automatically darken in bright sunlight and become clear indoors, providing convenient UV protection. Fixed tints, available in several colors, enhance contrast and are particularly useful for reducing glare during outdoor activities. These enhancements not only add practical benefits but also contribute to the style and personalization of your single vision glasses.


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