Mirrors & Tints

Mirrored and tinted lenses are the ultimate touch to elevate your sunglasses.

Sunglasses, mirrors, and tints are more than just fashion. They blend science with style, helping protect our eyes and enhance aesthetics. At Spex4Less, we boast an extensive online selection of mirrors and tints. Dive into our guide to uncover the captivating science behind these everyday lenses.


Sunglass tints not only provide a stylistic touch but also filter specific wavelengths of light, enhancing visual clarity and significantly reducing the harshness of glare, making it easier on the eyes.


Mirrored lenses come with a reflective optical coating on the outside, which helps to reflect sunlight away from the eyes, offering a cooler and more comfortable view, especially in intensely bright conditions.


Experience the cutting-edge technology of photochromic lenses, including renowned brands like Transitions. These advanced lenses intuitively adjust their tint in real time, darkening in sunlight for optimal outdoor protection and reverting to clear indoors for seamless vision. This adaptability offers unparalleled versatility in vision protection, ensuring comfort and clarity in varying light conditions.

Sunglass Tint

Sunglasses tints are designed to shield against UV radiation, blocking almost 100% of UV rays. The effectiveness and comfort of tints largely depend on their colour, with each hue offering unique benefits. At Spex4less, we provide a variety of stylish tints; our grey tint is versatile for varied weather, green reduces glare in bright sunlight, and brown's reddish tone improves depth perception. Additionally, we also offer polarised lenses, which further reduce glare and enhance visual clarity in various lighting conditions.

Sunglass with grey tint for versatile weather
Sunglass Grey
Sunglass with brown tint for improved depth perception
Sunglass Brown
Sunglass with G15 tint to reduce glare in bright sunlight
Sunglass G15
Polarised grey sunglass to enhance visual clarity
Polarised Grey
Polarised brown sunglass to reduce glare and enhance clarity
Polarised Brown

Mirrored Tints

Mirrored sunglass lenses have a reflective coating that reduces glare and offers a comfortable visual experience. Beyond their stylish appeal, they excel in intense light conditions. At Spex4less, we boast the largest variety of tints online, ensuring both fashion and functionality in every pair.

Mirrored sunglass lens with a silver tint, reflecting light
Silver Mirror
Mirrored sunglass lens with a gold tint, offering stylish glare reduction
Gold Mirror
Red fire mirrored sunglass lens, ideal for intense light conditions
Red Fire Mirror
Blue mirrored sunglass lens, combining style with glare reduction
Blue Mirror
Green mirrored sunglass lens, perfect for bright and sunny conditions
Green Mirror
Turquoise mirrored sunglass lens, stylish and effective against glare
Turquoise Mirror
Bronze mirrored sunglass lens, fashionable and functional in bright light
Bronze Mirror
Pink mirrored sunglass lens, combining chic design with practical glare reduction
Pink Mirror
Purple mirrored sunglass lens, combining chic design with practical glare reduction
Purple Mirror

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromics are ingeniously designed to adjust their tint based on light exposure, darkening in bright conditions and clearing up indoors. This adaptability ensures consistent comfort and protection for the eyes across varying environments. At Spex4less, we offer these dynamic lenses that seamlessly blend innovation with day-to-day practicality, catering to both indoor and outdoor needs with ease.

Photochromic Brown Lenses
Photochromic Brown
Photochromic Grey Lenses
Photochromic Grey

Transitions GenS© Lenses

GenS Transitions represent the cutting-edge of photochromic lens technology. These lenses are meticulously designed to adapt rapidly to varying lighting conditions, transitioning seamlessly from clear indoors to dark outdoors. Beyond their adaptability, they offer superior UV protection, guarding your eyes from harmful sun rays and diminishing eye strain.

Transition Lenses in Grey Color
Transition Lenses in Brown Color
Transition Lenses in Green Color
Transition Lenses in Sapphire Color
Transition Lenses in Amethyst Color
Transition Lenses in Amber Color
Transition Lenses in Emerald Color

Transitions Xtractive©

Transitions XTRActive Lenses are crafted for those highly sensitive to light or often encountering bright conditions. The latest generation of XTRActive lenses elevates protection, offering unparalleled darkness outdoors and superior light shielding, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity. They will also transition behind a car windscreen which is a unique feature compared to Gen 8 Transitions or photochromics.

Transitions XTRActive Brown
Transitions Xtractive Brown
Transitions XTRActive Grey
Transitions Xtractive Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mirrored and tinted lenses can be fitted to a wide variety of frame styles. However, the suitability can depend on the frame material and design. While most standard frame types can accommodate mirrored and tinted lenses, certain unique or very thin frame designs might pose some limitations.

  • Yes, you can add mirror coatings to prescription lenses. This option allows you to combine the visual clarity and correction provided by your prescription with the stylish and functional benefits of mirrored lenses. Whether you need them for fashion, sport, or everyday wear, we can customize your prescription lenses with a mirror coating to suit your preferences and needs.

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