Tips For Exercising When Wearing Glasses

Exercising when wearing glasses can be an unpleasant experience. It can feel uncomfortable, create potential safety issues and really affect the quality of your workout.

If you experience problems with your glasses steaming up, slipping down your nose, or falling off completely, then read on. We have put together some helpful tips that will make exercising when wearing glasses a whole lot easier.

Wear Sports Glasses

The best glasses to wear when you're exercising are sports glasses. So, consider buying a separate pair from your regular eyewear specifically for when you're working out.

Sports glasses are designed larger and wider than normal glasses. This not only enhances your vision but also offers more eye protection. The frames are made from lightweight, durable materials and the arms fit tightly to the head. This ensures a better grip and stops them from slipping off when you're sweating and moving around vigorously.

Brands such as Nike and Oakley have a selection of great sports glasses suitable for all types of sporting activities.

Make Sure Your Glasses Fit Properly

Wearing glasses that fit properly means they are more likely to stay in place when you're moving around. Make sure the arms of your glasses are tight enough around your ears and that the frames sit properly on your nose.

If your glasses slide around too much, get them professionally adjusted or replace them with an entirely new frame that fits you perfectly.

exercising with glasses

Use A Glasses Strap or Band

Another great solution for keeping your glasses in place during exercise is to wear a strap or band.

These are simple strips of fabric that connect the arms of your glasses behind your head. A tight band will keep your glasses firmly in place even during extreme activity. A looser cord that hangs around your neck, will ensure your glasses don't hit the floor if they do slip off your face.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Wearing your regular glasses when doing water sports is totally impractical. If you are a swimmer with poor eyesight then prescription swimming goggles are the perfect solution for you.

Prescription goggles are extremely safe and durable and come with an anti-fog coating to ensure your vision is clear, even when swimming underwater. Polarised lenses in your goggles will block out any glare from the sun when you're swimming outside.

Use a Cleaning Cloth or Wipes

Keeping your lenses clean will maintain their quality and ensure that you always have clear vision. Keep a glasses cloth or wipes handy when you are exercising, so you can easily remove any sweat, smears, or condensation from your glasses. It will also prevent bacteria build up on your frames.


Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming or going to the gym, there is a good choice of, fitness-friendly glasses available. If you follow our simple tips and invest in a suitable, good-fitting pair of sports glasses, the days of your eyewear ruining your exercise routine are over!