Why do we need a varifocal photograph from you?

This photograph allows us to take precise measurements of both your PD (Pupillary Distance) and height. PD is the distance between the centres of your pupils and plays a crucial role in the process of ordering varifocals (progressive lenses). Ensuring that the optical centre of the lens aligns precisely with your PD results in the best possible vision correction. In addition to obtaining your PD, we also consider your height measurements from the picture, as they are equally crucial in ensuring that your varifocals are tailored specifically to you. Knowing your precise measurements for the progressive lens is essential for optimal performance and visual comfort.

How to Take the perfect varifocal photograph

To obtain an accurate PD and height measurement for glazing your glasses, follow these steps when taking the photograph:

  • Ask someone to assist you by taking a picture while you wear the glasses you’ve chosen.
  • Place a millimetre ruler, tape measure, or debit card horizontally over the top of your eyebrows. This reference object will serve as a scale for measurement.
  • Look directly into the back camera lens.
  • For optimal results, the photographer should position themselves at least 6 feet away from you and then zoom in to capture a clear and focused image of your eyes, particularly your pupils.
  • Adequate lighting is crucial, so if possible, take the picture in a well-lit area or outdoors. Avoid using the flash as it may cause glare on the lenses, obstructing a clear view of your pupils.

Below are some examples of the correct ways to take a varifocal photograph and all the things not to do:


Why can’t I take the picture myself?

Taking a selfie or even setting up a timer and taking it yourself will not work. The front camera of most devices can introduce distortions in the image, making it challenging to obtain precise measurements. The same issue applies when using webcams for this purpose.

I’ve taken the picture, what do i do now?

Now you have had your varifocal picture taken and you are happy with it, you can send it over to us to obtain your PD and height measurement. To do this you can email it over to us at [email protected] along with a picture of your prescription.