Iconic Eyewear Featured In Films Part 3 - Tom Ford

Welcome to Part 3 of our Iconic Eyewear in Films blog. Here, we will reveal some of the most recognisable eyewear on the silver screen from style icon, Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Iconic Eyewear

As one of the most prominent luxury brands, Tom Ford continues to lead the fashion-forward mood of the moment. With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, the brand's eyewear collection is derived from both vintage and contemporary influences. Tom Ford glasses frames are instantly recognisable by the distinguished metal “T” logo of the iconic brand.

James Bond

Bond is a character known for his suave sophisticated style, and his eyewear is no exception. Over the years, 007 has worn various sunglasses, with each pair adding a new level of elegance to his iconic look.

Most recently, Daniel Craig has made sunglasses an indispensable James Bond accessory.  Here are our top picks worn by the illustrious movie character - unfortunately, they don't come with night vision or laser beams, but they do exude all of Bond's exemplary class!


Bond wears a pair of Tom Ford 'Marko' sunglasses in the film Skyfall. These Rhodium-coloured frames are a classic aviator style, with large lenses and a double nose bridge. Daniel Craig loved these shades so much that he carried on wearing them in between shoots!

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During the funeral scene in Spectre, Bond is seen wearing Tom Ford 'Snowdon' sunglasses, in colour Havana. These traditional Wayfarer style sunglasses with chunky frames are versatile, easy to wear and flattering 0n most face shapes.

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In a scene in Morocco, Bond wears the Tom Ford 'Henry' model. This Clubmaster-style frame features an acetate browline, with a metal lower frame. These sunglasses were also used in the film's promotional images the music video for the movie's theme song - 'Writing's On The Wall'.

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Velvet Buzzsaw

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of 'Morf' a successful and stylish art critic in the thriller, Velvet Buzzsaw. One of the standout features of his character's appearance is the FT5379 Tom Ford optical glasses, that he wears throughout the film. These bold frames add a touch of culture to the character's look and sense of style.

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Atomic Blonde

During the action thriller Atomic Blonde, James McAvoy's character David Percival, wears a pair of the unique Tom Ford 'Dimitry' Sunglasses.  These chunky aviator-style frames feature a gold browline and the iconic 'T' logo on the temple and hinge.  They play a significant role in Percival's slick persona, and with their sophisticated retro vibe, serve as a memorable aspect of the film.

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