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Shop our extensive range of high-quality and extremely affordable sunglasses. Available with prescription, non-prescription, varifocal and reading lenses. With thousands of stylish frames and over fifty top designer brands to choose from, there is something to suit every style and budget. All our sunglasses include full UVA and UVB protection and are available with a selection of lens tints and lens coatings, made in our state-of-the-art glazing lab here in the UK. Lenses At A Glance | Delivery Times | FAQ's | Shop By Brand
Why Buy Sunglasses Online From Spex4Less? Here at Spex4Less, we offer a wide range of top-quality prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, for both men and women. We have a massive selection of designer sunglasses with up to 75% off high-street prices, and a variety of stylish stock frames at even lower prices. We are also able to transform any of our prescription glasses frames into sunglasses for you. We provide an extremely fast delivery service for all our stock frames, and we're so confident you'll love our sunglasses that every pair comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty.
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  1. 3048-S Persol Sunglasses 3048-S Persol Sunglasses
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    58 19 145 146 41
  2. RB 4203 Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB 4203 Ray-Ban Sunglasses
    £79.97 Regular Price £100.97
    51 20 145 133 45
  3. Mega Wayfare Ray-Ban Sunglasses 0RB 0840S Mega Wayfare Ray-Ban Sunglasses 0RB 0840S
    51 21 145 134 42.6
  4. SDS 5005 Superdry Sunglasses SDS 5005 Superdry Sunglasses
    54 17 140 - -
  5. 3092-SM Persol Sunglasses 3092-SM Persol Sunglasses
    50 19 145 139 44
  6. ESO-NIFTY/S Sunglasses ESO-NIFTY/S Sunglasses
    55 16 140 137 42.9
  7. RB 4306 Ray-Ban Sunglasses  RB 4306  Ray-Ban Sunglasses
    £93.97 Regular Price £98.97
    54 19 145 138 48
  8. 0RB3684 Ray-Ban Sunglasses 0RB3684 Ray-Ban Sunglasses
    58 18 140 145 40.5
  9. SDS 5011 Superdry Sunglasses SDS 5011 Superdry Sunglasses
    54 19 140 - -
  10. Sasha Radley Sunglasses Sasha Radley Sunglasses
    55 19 140 140 -
  11. RB3625 Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB3625 Ray-Ban Sunglasses
    55 14 135 135 47.3
    58 14 135 141 49.9
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Lenses At A Glance Here at Spex4Less we have a huge range of sunglass lenses which are available made to your prescription. Here's a quick look at the lens options available for prescription sunglasses. For more in depth information about each lens please see our Sunglass Lens Information page.
  • Grey Sunglasses LensGrey
  • Brown Sunglasses LensBrown
  • G15 Sunglasses LensG15
  • Polarised Grey Sunglasses LensPolarised Grey
  • Polarised Brown Sunglasses LensPolarised Brown
  • Drivewear Sunglasses LensDrivewear
  • Silver Mirror Sunglasses LensSilver Mirror
  • Gold Mirror Sunglasses LensGold Mirror
  • Blue Mirror Sunglasses LensBlue Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror Sunglasses LensBronze Mirror
  • Green Mirror Sunglasses LensGreen Mirror
  • Pink Mirror Sunglasses LensPink Mirror
  • Purple Mirror Sunglasses LensPurple Mirror
  • Turquoise Mirror Sunglasses LensTurquoise Mirror
  • Red Mirror Sunglasses LensRed Mirror
  • Photo Grey Sunglasses LensPhoto Grey
  • Photo Brown Sunglasses LensPhoto Brown
  • Extractive Grey Sunglasses LensExtractive Grey
Delivery Times We ask that you allow fourteen days for any order at Spex4Less. However, our expected despatch times are as follows. Where options combine please note the longest estimate.
  • Standard Brown, Grey or G15 Single Vision Lenses 1-4 days
  • Standard Brown, Grey or G15 Bifocal Sunglass Lenses 2-6 days
  • Standard Brown, Grey or G15 Varifocal Sunglass Lenses 4-7 days from receiving fitting photo
  • Polarised Single Vision, Bifocal or Varifocal Sunglass Lenses 5-10 days
  • Mirrored Single Vision or Varifocal Sunglass Lenses 7-14 days
  • High Base (Wrap Around) Prescription Lenses 10-14 Days
  • Designer Sunglasses Frames 3-10 days
  • Standard Sunglasses Frames 1-4 days
Sunglasses FAQ's Q. Do your prescription sunglasses offer full UV protection? A. Yes. All of our prescription sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Q. Should I add anti-reflective coating to my sunglass order? A. Anti reflective coating allows more light to pass through the lens, whereas the purpose of sunglasses is to block light so that your eyes are more comfortable in the sun. Therefore anti-reflective coating would only be useful when added to the back surface of the lens to help minimize ‘bounce-back’ glare and reflections. An Anti-reflective coating is not a necessity on sunglasses but could be helpful if you find ‘bounce-back’ glare distracting. Q. How dark will my lenses be? A. Our standard sunglass lenses are approximately 85% tint (category 3), this is the darkest the lens that can be made whilst also being suitable for daytime driving. Q. Can I have my lenses lighter then the standard 85% tint? A. Yes. We can produce tints at various levels, please call us to place an order if you have a special request. Q. Should I go for brown or grey tint sunglass lenses? A. Most of our customers will choose their lens colour for purely aesthetic reasons; grey lenses tend to pair well with black, blue and cold colour frames and brown lenses look great with havana, burgundy and warm colour frames. However, the different lens colors actually have different benefits which is worth considering when making your selection, a grey lenses offers more neutral colour perception. Brown lenses offer a higher contrast which is good for variable weather conditions.