New Zeiss DriveSafe and
NovaDrive BluMax Lenses

Available In Single-Vision
And Varifocal Lenses

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are everyday lenses specifically designed to meet the visual needs of drivers. Design features and technologies enhance the wearer’s visual experience during the day or night while driving. Whilst these lenses may be great for driving, they are also suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the DuraVision DriveSafe Coating, the lenses help to reduce perceived reflections and glare, especially while driving at night.

  • Wide field of view for changing focus between the road, screen displays and rear-view mirror
  • Better vision in low-light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving thanks to ZEISS Luminance Design™ Technology (LDT), which takes into account different light conditions and pupil sizes for natural vision at all times.
  • Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or streetlights with the help of DuraVision® DriveSafe Coating. It partially reflects the wavelengths responsible for unclear vision, discomfort and irritation, resulting in less perceived glare up to 64%

Main visual challenges when driving

Glare from oncoming cars at night and dazzle from wet roads.

Poor visibility in low-light conditions such as rain, dusk or at night.

Difficulty in refocusing when the eyes alternate between the dashboard and the road ahead.

Research commissioned by lens specialist ZEISS Vision Care has revealed that nearly a quarter (23%) of UK drivers have experienced a road accident or near miss behind the wheel caused by poor vision due to weather. Zeiss DriveSafe lenses look to eliminate these problems and give you clear vision and clarity, regardless of the conditions. 

Nova Drive Blumax Lenses

Nova Drive Lenses offer sharp, natural panoramic vision that is virtually glare free in all light conditions, both day and night. 

  • Powered by Bluemax materials to protect from UV rays during the day and maximum filtration of blue light from led headlights and even digital devices.
  • Sharp and distortion-free from the left to the right corner of the lenses
  • The advanced design of the Nova Drive lenses takes into account the range of pupil sizes in different light conditions resulting in a highly optimised surface contour, maximising visual efficiency. As a result, the wearer gets comfortable vision with Nova Drive lenses in all light conditions
  • These special lenses come with Satin Aktiv coating which helps to deflect UV rays and reduces the blinding effect caused by nightly glares and direct sunlight, allowing maximal entry of specific light waves which create the best sensitivity during day & night, providing the sharpest vision with high contrast round the clock.

Nova Drive Lenses work in a similar way to the Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses mentioned earlier. The lenses benefit from Panoramic Vision Enhancement Technology (PVET) meaning the wearer can enjoy extended fields of clear vision while seated behind the steering wheel. This extended panoramic vision means the gaze can focus from right to left wing mirrors, with minimised horizontal head movement.

Honeycomb Lenses

Using nature’s technology of honeycomb design, more light is distributed from all areas of the lens improving vision and reducing eye fatigue.


  • Crisper, sharper vision with optimum clarity
  • Reduced glare in bright light and nighttime driving conditions
  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • Full UVA and UVB protection
  • Scratch-resistant and Easy to clean
  • Anti-reflective qualities to virtually eliminate reflections on the lens surfaces
  • Super-hydrophobic layer to repel water and oils  


Honeycomb lenses can be worn in your everyday glasses, however many find they work best when:

  • Working in artificial or low-light conditions
  • Driving at night or in bad weather
  • Reading/writing
  • Working on a computer or tablet


Honeycomb lenses appear completely clear, but the patented mesh technology is just visible under very close inspection or when the lens becomes misted.