Kangol Glasses

Kangol offers a dynamic collection of glasses frames that show off the urban style of this high-quality fashion label. The Kangol brand is famous for its iconic headwear which exploded onto the scene following the Second World War. Kangol Prescription Glasses Frames reflect the durable and robust nature of the brand, yet they are sleek in design and come in a variety of distinct colours and sizes, to greatly enhance any man or woman's look.

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Kangol Prescription Glasses Frames For Men & Women

5 Items

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  1. 257 Kangol Glasses 257 Kangol Glasses
    52 16 130 132 32
  2. 295 Kangol Glasses 295 Kangol Glasses
    54 15 140 133 36
  3. OKL220 Kangol Glasses OKL220 Kangol Glasses
    53 15 135 128 32
  4. 263 Kangol Glasses 263 Kangol Glasses
    53 18 135 135 38
  5. OKL227 Kangol Glasses OKL227 Kangol Glasses
    52 14 140 130 25
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