Varifocal lenses are an innovation that serves as a superior option to bifocals. These lenses are often needed as we get older and struggle to see things close up. This means we require lenses with multiple focal points.

Varifocal glasses contain combination lenses that provide clarity and clearer vision for all distances. There is no visible line with varifocals and they offer a smoother transition than bifocals.

Choosing the Right Frame

Before choosing your lenses, it is important to choose the right frame. There are extra considerations to be taken into account when buying a frame for varifocal lenses. 

For varifocals, your glasses frame must have a depth of at least 27mm. It is also important to consider the strength of your prescription when choosing your frames. Stronger prescriptions require thicker lenses which may not be suitable for thinner frames. 

You can browse our Varifocal Glasses section on our website, for suitable frames.

Types Of Varifocal Lenses

The field of view differs depending on the type of lens. The view range of the intermediate and reading sections of a varifocal becomes wider with each lens upgrade.

At Spex4less, we have a selection of high-quality varifocal lenses ranging from Standard to Premium to Elite. Both the premium and elite lenses have less edge distortion than standard varifocal lenses, with the Elite option having the widest field of view.

All our varifocal lenses come are available with 4 different index levels (thinness), and a variety of tints and coatings.

arrangement of glasses lenses

Adjustment Period 

For first-time varifocal wearers, it can take a while for your eyes to adjust to your new glasses. For some people, it takes only a few days, but for others, it can take up to 2-4 weeks. Your brain needs time to adjust to the new visual experience, so if you are struggling at first, be patient and persevere with them. 

If your struggles continue, there may be an issue with your prescription or your lenses. Feel free to get in touch with a member of our customer service team who will assist you and help rectify any problems you have, as quickly as possible.