Everyone loves a selfie. However, taking selfies for glasses wearers can be quite a challenge. Luckily, we’ve put together some simple tips so you can master the art of taking perfect, flattering selfies with your glasses on, in no time.

Avoid Glare From Your Lenses

Don’t let light reflecting off your glasses lenses ruin your selfies. The easiest way to avoid reflections is with an anti-reflective coating on your lenses.

Minimising glare when taking a selfie with your glasses on can also be achieved by tilting your head down a little – while making sure you can still see your eyes.

Optimise The Light

Good lighting makes for good selfies. However, for glasses wearers, bright lights can result in reflections and shadows across the face. To avoid this make sure that the sun or any false light is behind you.

Glasses wearers should also avoid using a flash when taking a selfie. Phones today have such high-quality cameras, that most of the time, you can get away without using a flash, even in low light.

Find The Best Angle

Finding the perfect selfie angle to show off your glasses and accentuate your best features, can be tricky.

When taking a selfie with your glasses on, don’t hold your phone head-on. Instead, rotate your body in different directions and try out a variety of camera angles for the best view. To capture the most flattering face angle, keep your camera positioned slightly above the level of your head.

Rule Of Thirds

Use your camera’s horizontal and vertical grid lines to split your selfie into nine equal squares, split by horizontal and vertical lines.

This technique means that the most important parts of your selfie are in the left or right third of the frame, leaving the other two-thirds open. Try keeping your eyes one-third down from the top line and to one side of the frame.

Work With Your Frames

Before you take a selfie, think about whether you want your glasses frames to contrast or blend in with the background.

Your glasses can become a great focal point for your selfie. Use the colour or style of your frames to compliment your look and the composition of the photo.


The best way for glasses wearers to take selfies and show off their spectacles with confidence is to take lots of different shots, experiment with a variety of angles, and make a note of which ones look best. But most importantly of all – don’t forget to smile!