An Introduction To Snooker Spectacles

Many people, even snooker players, are unaware of specialty snooker spectacles and how useful they can be. Playing snooker with regular everyday glasses is a struggle because it’s such a vision-sensitive game.

Those who have been fans of snooker for some time will remember Dennis Taylor. Taylor was famous not only for his success in the sport but also for his unusual and slightly comedic glasses. However, those oversized, upside-down glasses, weren’t worn as a joke. Taylor wore them so his impaired eyesight didn’t put him at a disadvantage. His snooker glasses gave him a greater view field and clearer vision, helping him become the World Snooker champion in 1985.

Why Sharp Vision Is So Important

Snooker and pool are games of skill and small margins. Without completely clear vision, snooker players are at a significant disadvantage. The image of the ball can become distorted. This can cause the shot to go askew, a disaster for any snooker player.

Wearing regular everyday glasses to play snooker just won’t cut it. Due to the angle at which shots are taken, more often than not, you’re looking over the top of the frames with your bare eyes. Most regular glasses nowadays are available with an anti-reflective coating, however,  due to the lens’s angle and the overhead lights’ position, you can still be distracted by the glare.

How Snooker Spectacles Work

Snooker glasses contain subtle changes and features that make them superior to everyday specs. The main issue with wearing regular glasses for snooker is the angle at which shots are taken. For example, you’re either looking over the glasses frames or you’re left with a distorted view due to the angle you’re looking through the lens.

The lenses in snooker glasses eliminate this problem with a pantoscopic tilt. The lenses are tilted back at the top, relative to the side arms of the frame. This means that you’re always looking through the optical center of the lenses whatever your head position.  As a result, the lenses are effectively vertical to the table and vertical to your line of sight, preventing visual distortion.  

Our Recommended Snooker Spectacles

‘Hurricane 3’ Snooker Glasses: 

These snooker spectacles are designed with deep lenses and an adjustable tilt to enhance your table performance. They are also the only full-rimmed pair of snooker specs we offer. Because of the full frame, the Hurricane 3 doesn’t have as much lens at the top of the frame as other snooker glasses, however, you do still get flexibility with the pantoscopic angle.

With their attractive aviator-style frames, these spectacles can also be worn when you’re not playing snooker. They are the perfect glasses for those who value style as well as functionality.

Hurricane 3 Snooker Spectacles

‘Hills Ultra Lite’ Snooker Glasses:

These super-lightweight rimless snooker spectacles are made with extra deep lenses and are designed to reduce frame distractions. The bridge and arms are set low on the lens, which allows us to place the optical center of the prescription higher up the lenses. This, along with the corrected pantoscopic tilt, allows for more natural vision at the table.

With its stylish rimless frame combined with neat sprung hinged arms, the Hills Ultra Lite is the perfect choice for those looking for a sophisticated, practical pair of dedicated snooker spectacles.

Hills Ultra Lite Snooker Spectacles


‘Snooker Spec’ Snooker Glasses:

The Snooker Spec rimless frames feature an extra deep lens, wide bridge, and adjusted pantoscopic tilt. The depth of the lenses and the rimless design is also aimed at eliminating distractions and improving vision through the top portion of the lens.

The depth of the lens means the optical center of the prescription cannot be set as high as it can on the Hills Ultra Lite Snooker Glasses. However, if you require rimless snooker glasses with a wider bridge, the Snooker Spec is a great option.

Snooker Spectacles