Why You Need Prescription Ski Masks.

We all know the challenges and perils of skiing, and these are made worse for glasses-wearers trying to ski without proper prescription ski masks.

Safety & Protection:

Skiing in regular glasses is not a good idea when travelling down a mountain at 40+ mph. The lenses can fog up which minimises visibility and could result in you falling over or having a collision with another skier or even a tree! Furthermore, you also run the risk of your glasses breaking or falling off and losing them in the snow forever.

Ultimately, prescription ski masks make for a safer and far more enjoyable skiing experience. Skiing goggles protect your eyes from wind, snow and hail and can help prevent snow blindness. Snow can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays which can result in the cornea of the eye becoming sunburnt, resulting in a temporary loss of vision.

The added safety features of prescription ski masks accompanied by superior comfort, secure fitting, and anti-fog lenses make them an essential part of your ski equipment if you wear glasses.

Ski Mask Technology.

Anti-Fog Treatment:

Most modern ski masks now come with anti-fog lenses. These are lenses that come with a coating that prevents fogging and ensures your lenses stay clear. Opting for a ski mask with double shields will prevent condensation from forming inside your mask. The two screens act as a thermal filter between the cold air outside and the warmth of your body heat to stop your mask from fogging up.

Protective Foam:

Ski mask frames are covered with a layer of protective foam that is available in different densities. The denser the foam, the more comfortable the mask will feel and the greater the shock absorption will be.


Ski masks come with vents that allow air to flow through the mask. It removes moist warm air, preventing the lenses from fogging up. Different brands use their own technologies to optimise air circulation.

Most ski goggles are equipped with vents on the forehead bar, which allows a continuous flow of air to pass through. As you move up the price range, you’ll find super high-tech masks offering more advanced technology for ventilation.


Choosing the lens colour for your ski mask is much more important than just picking the ‘coolest’ or the one that goes best with your outfit. So, which colour tint is best for you?

  • Rose and amber are the most versatile lenses. These colours perform best in flat light and are especially good for clearly seeing bumps and contours in the snow, even at high speeds. These colours also provide better clarity between light and shade.
  • A yellow lens is great for cloudy days and low light. However, be aware that you risk being dazzled by the glare from the sun if it makes a sudden appearance.
  • The darker the colour of your lens, the more UV protection you get, so grey or brown lenses, for example, are a suitable option for high-light conditions.
  • Polarised lenses are made to reduce glare by reflecting the sun’s rays, making them the best choice for clear, sunny days. Polarisation is essential if you really want to get the best out of your ski goggles. 

How Prescription Inserts Work In Ski Masks.

Prescription skiing goggles come with inserts that are fitted to the inside of the mask. They are the modern alternative to wearing your everyday prescription glasses underneath your mask. The inserts can also be easily taken out or replaced when necessary.

Ski masks with and without prescription inserts
                 Mask without insert                                     Mask with insert

Ordering your prescription ski masks from Spex4Less is simple. Firstly, select your goggles and click ‘prescription glazed insert’. Secondly, choose the type of lenses your want. Finally, proceed to your prescription details.

Prescription Ski Masks We Recommend.

Bolle Royal Ski Mask –

Stand out from the crowd with these sleek Bolle Royal skiing goggles.


  • Carbo Glass
  • Small fit
  • Double Density Foam
  • Flow-Tech Venting
  • UV Protection
  • P80+ anti-fog 


Bolle Royal Prescription Ski Mask

Salice 605 Ski Mask

Make a statement with these bold Salice 605 skiing goggles


  • Spherical thermoformed lens
  • Multi-layer mirror coating
  • Antifog-coated double lens
  • Spare SONAR lens
  • Wide field of vision
  • Reduced distortion
  • UV400 lens protects against 100% of UVA, B and C rays 
  • Velvet layered foam cushioning
  • Adult fit
Salic 605 Salice Prescription Ski Mask

Bolle Freeze Ski Mask –

Look stylish on the slopes with Bolle Freeze skiing goggles.


  • Flow-Tech venting
  • Medium fit
  • Triple or Double Density Foam
  • Double lens
  • P80+ layer
Bolle Freeze Prescription Ski Mask

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