The glasses trends for autumn/winter 2002 are diverse, eye-catching, and cater to every possible need. You can expect a return to vintage styles as well as oversized, colourful frames for those who dare to be bold.

Glasses are a finishing detail rather than just a practical piece and can elevate your look entirely. So let’s explore the must-have seasonal glasses trends to inspire you.

The Bigger the Better

Oversized shapes have made a real comeback. Statement frames that cover the full eye range are borrowed from sunglasses trends, where maximum coverage has been in for several seasons.

Combine this glasses trend with other styles such as thick frames, angular shapes or bold colours, to give off a retro, 70’s vibe and elevate any outfit to a whole new level.

Whether your personality screams bold or classic, oversized glasses are easy to wear and go with whatever look speaks to you.  

Metal Frames

Metal glasses are having a big moment. Nothing is more timeless than a pair of elegantly crafted metal glasses frames.

These are the most delicate of glasses styles and perfect if you’re a minimalist or new to wearing glasses. They’re lightweight and so thin, that in light metallic colours such as yellow or rose gold, they’re barely noticeable on your face.

Metal glasses are available in various shapes and sizes. For an effortless, retro aesthetic, the vintage-style aviator is a key style for this season.

Perfectly Round

Cool and stylish at the same time, round glasses frames are another key fashion trend for 2022. Popularised in the 60’s and 70’s by celebrities like John Lennon and Elton John, round glasses are really bringing back the vintage vibes.

If you’re bold, outgoing and love to wear statement outfits – oversized round shapes or colourful accetate frames can bring a modern twist to the traditional style. If you prefer a more conservative or classic look, small, metal frames bring an elegant, laid-back vibe.

Rounded frames will help soften and naturally lift your facial features, and with a great diversity of materials and designs, they are easy to style with any outfit.

Geometric shapes

If you’re not sure about round glasses, try exploring a geometric frame for a highly inclusive fashion style this season.

Whether you opt for an octagonal, cat eye or rectangular glasses shape, you will be bang on trend. From subtle and simple to bold and bright, there’s a frame to suit every personality.

Geometric glasses are also known to accentuate facial features in flattering ways. If you have a particularly square or round face, a sleek geometric frame will add angles to better define your facial features.

Jewelled Tones

Put away your pretty pastels for next year’s summer, it’s time to go for the vibrant energy of jewel-toned hues that are ruling glasses frames this autumn/winter.

This is a trend for those who are willing to be bold. Experiment with bright vibrant colours in blue, yellow, purple and other rich tones, to evoke your personality and brighten up those winter days.

Autumnal Green

In contrast to the vibrant colours, olive green is one of the hottest trends for autumn 2022.

Green glasses frames are the best partner for your autumn outfits. This subtle, earthy hue will mix well with a range of colours and add a unique, trendy touch to your look.


No one style defines glasses trends for 2022. Modern eyewear fashion is all about inclusivity, and styles that will accentuate your features and enhance your overall look. Find your go-to pick from the list above and browse our glasses range to discover the best trend for you.  

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