In this blog, we’ll explore the top eyeglasses trends for 2022. Take a look at this year’s newcomers as well as those trends and styles that are making a comeback.

Retro-Inspired Glasses –

Trends go in cycles and like many trends before it, retro eyewear is making a comeback. Choose stylish cat-eye frames or classic aviator styles to embrace the past but with a contemporary finish. The Cat-eye design often features oval lenses with upswept outer edges that accentuate the shape of the face and bring attention to the eyes.

Portia Radley Glasses in colour 118 - Gloss Nude/Tort/Rose
Portia Radley Glasses

Check out the Radley Portia frame for a stylish yet subtle cat-eye frame. The beautifully bevelled cat-eye shape comes in a very on-trend nude colour with a pop of pink and a high shine tortoise with a splash of colour.

Minimalist Frames –

Unlike Statement frames, minimalist frames are designed with subtlety in mind. These frames blend in seamlessly with your outfit, regardless of the occasion. Look at subtle black frames, especially for those spending time in a professional or formal setting.

Transparent frames are a great choice for adding some variety to your look whilst maintaining subtlety. This style of frame continues to grow in popularity, particularly in young people and are our must-have eyeglasses for 2022 trends.

Lizard Oakley Glasses OX 5113 in colour 511302 - Pewter
Lizard Oakley Glasses OX 5113

If plastic frames aren’t to your taste, try delicate metal frames, with thinner arms and semi-rimless lenses. These glasses combine simple designs with robust and long-lasting materials, to give you a pair of glasses that will stand the test of time and last longer than any trend will. The Lizard Oakley Glasses OX 5113 glasses are a great example of this.

Sporty Glasses –

2022 is a great time to get back outdoors. Whether you’re running, cycling or simply out for a brisk walk, there’s no better time to get out there. Having the motivation is one thing but it’s also important to have the right gear. When we think of sports equipment, we think of trainers, shorts, gloves and we often forget about eyewear.

Fives Squared Oakley Sports Sunglasses OO9238  in colour 923804 - Shiny Black
Fives Squared Oakley Sports Sunglasses 

Sports frames are not only important for keeping our eyes protected whilst playing sports but they also offer a chance to update your look. There are a variety of sports frames out there. From ultra-sporty wrapped frames, such as the Oakley Fives Squared, made for fast-paced action, to stylish metal Oakley frames that are just as comfortable in the office environment as they are on the running track.

Square Frames –

Create a fun, back to the 80s look with square glasses and flaunt your cooler side. The conventional silhouette goes with everything you wear. So, all you have to do is throw a pair of square glasses on and get in there.

RX 5387 Ray-Ban Glasses in colour 2000 - Black
RX 5387 Ray-Ban Glasses

You can never go wrong with a timeless eyewear silhouette as square. This is a classic, no-fuss shape that will stand the test of time. Square glasses are available in standout details with us such as tinted lenses and colourful frames. Check out the RX 5387 Ray-Ban Glasses for a stylish and versatile frame.

Transparent Glasses –

Transparent glasses are rapidly becoming the must-have style in the eyewear world. Clear frames with light tints have been popular ever since they burst onto the scene. They’ve received global love and have been worn by stars such as Sarah Hyland, Matthew McConaughey and Jurgen Klopp.

SL 201 Prescription Glasses in colour C3 - Crystal/Black
SL 201 Prescription Glasses

The biggest strength of transparent glasses is their versatility. You can mix and match these frames with any outfit and look. They’re able to blend in nicely, accent other outfit features, or become the main attraction.

Now that you’re all caught up on this year’s trends and styles, be sure to check out our vast collection of glasses and pick up your own. No matter what style or colour you’re after, we’re sure to have the perfect glasses for you.

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