Being told you need to wear prescription glasses can be a bit of a shock to the system. It can cause some uncertainty about how they will feel on your face and whether they will suit you. Luckily, we have some top tips for first-time glasses wearers, to help you adjust to this new lifestyle and embrace your new look.

New Glasses Symptoms

Be aware that there will be some minor side effects when wearing glasses for the first time. This can include eye strain, light dizziness or nausea, and headaches.

Don’t worry, this is simply a sign that your eyes are adjusting to the prescription lenses. With regular and consistent use, the symptoms will usually disappear after a few days. However, if they last more than a couple of weeks, then speak to your optician.

Remember, the more your wear your glasses the quicker your eyes will adapt to them.

Choose Your Frames Wisely

You can never be too picky when it comes to choosing your glasses frames.  You need to get a pair that suits your lifestyle as well as your personality.

The size and shape of your frames can affect your overall look. The colour of the glasses can also make a huge difference depending on the colour of your eyes, hair and skin tone.

Over time you will get to know what styles naturally suit you. In the meantime, check out our blog What Style Glasses Suit Your Face Shape? to help find the perfect frame for you.

Make Sure Your Glasses Fit Properly

You could end up having to wear your glasses for a large portion of the day, if not all day. Therefore, it’s imperative that they feel as comfortable as possible.

When trying on your new spectacles, make sure that they are not too tight behind your ears and that they sit properly on your nose, without any pressure.

If you feel any discomfort, go back to your opticians and they will adjust them for you at no extra cost.

Clean your Glasses Lenses daily

Dirty lenses are very distracting and can cause blurriness or spots in your vision. Your lenses will stay clearer and last longer if you wash them regularly.

Use a gentle alcohol-free soap with warm water or a lens cleaning spray to gently remove any dirt and grime from your lenses.

When wiping away smudges always use a lint-free lens cloth. Don’t be tempted to rub them on your clothing or use paper towels to clean them, as this can damage the lens coating and cause scratches that cannot be removed.

Handle Your Glasses with Care

Your glasses will need a lot of TLC to keep them in tip-top condition.

Always use both hands to remove your glasses from your face. Using one hand can loosen the arm joint and increase the risk of bending, or breaking it altogether.

Don’t be tempted to push your glasses up onto your head. Doing so can stretch your frames out of shape and if they fall off, they could end up permanently damaged.

When putting your glasses down, always lay the lenses up. Putting your glasses face down is a surefire way of scratching the lenses – even with a scratch-resistant coating on them.

When you are not wearing your glasses always store them safely in your glasses case. Don’t leave them in extreme hot or cold temperatures as this can damage the lens coating and may even warp the frames.

Keep a Spare Pair Handy

It is always worth having a spare pair of glasses lying around, even if the prescription is out of date. In an emergency, an old pair of glasses is better than none at all!


Wearing prescription glasses may seem like a major inconvenience at first, but the difference in your vision will make it well worth it. Hopefully, the above tips will help make the adjustment process for first-time glasses wearers as seamless as possible.