Beat the fog with Clarity® Fog Eliminator. Sold in a pack of three, this dry cloth can be used on any type of lens to provide streak- and film-free, long lasting fog prevention. Easy-to-use, convenient cloths fit anywhere and can be used for multiple applications.

Clarity® FOG Eliminator™ is a breakthrough DRY anti-fog formula! The FOG Eliminator™ soft cloth spreads a dry, invisible ultra-thin coating that absorbs moisture. Fog microdroplets are absorbed into the coating, instantly spread across the film’s surface, and evaporate back into the air before fog can form.It clearly outperforms other brands!

Easy to use... Just wipe the dry cloth over the lens. No sloppy sprays or goop.
Easy to carry... Fits easily in your pocket or range bag.
Economical... Multiple applications from each cloth. 

Price:    6.75
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